Established in 2016, our HQ is based in Switzerland. With numerous subsidiaries and distributors already operating in several countries across Europe and the USA. SwissGuard is the market leader in the Remote Guarding and Video Monitoring Industry. Directing international operations from our state of the art command and watch centre delivering the service provided by our local subsidiaries and distributors.

Our watch officers are located in Eastern Europe. Operating from Hungary where the labour cost is significantly lower than Western Europe or the USA. Depending on your country of origin our bespoke solution can cut approximately 40 to 60% cost of your annual security budget. We can provide you with a next day service from point of contract completion insuring your property is secured immediately.

We must clarify, we are NOT an alarm monitoring company. The main difference is that our operatives are constantly watching the live feeds, without rotating, or hiding the feeds. This ensures that any incidents are captured in real-time. Our alarm monitoring partners are carefully selected and controlled by our quality control unit.

Our services are revolutionizing the classic onsite Guardian protection offering. Thanks to our clients in trusting their properties to services, we are growing exponentially. We are proudly swiss.

Our Remote Guarding solutions combine people, processes and technology to provide high-quality security. We achieve this by turning passive security cameras into an active and intelligent guard system. Our watch officers are capable of alerting fast response team, human security guards in case of any danger, or unwanted activity.

Our aim is to PREVENT CRIME!

Normally, alarm systems or programmed and combined cameras and alarm systems are reactionary on alarm signal. Our remote guardians can spot problems, or threats much earlier enabling them to alert fast response team, local guards, or law enforcement before the potential crime or damage happens.

Our highly trained watch officers use LIVE cameras located on-site, to spot intruders or threats and contact fast response team and local law enforcement if necessary.

Our solution is highly COST EFFECTIVE!