Established in 2016, our headquarter is based in Switzerland. With numerous subsidiaries and distributors already operating in several countries across Europe and the USA. Swissguard is the market leader in Off-site Guarding and Real-Time Video Monitoring. Directing international operations from our state of the art command and watch centre delivering the service provided by our local subsidiaries and distributors.

Our watch officers are located in Eastern Europe. Operating from Hungary where the labour cost is significantly lower than Western Europe or the USA. Depending on your country of origin our bespoke solution can cut approximately 40 to 60% cost of your annual security budget. We can provide you with a next day service from point of contract completion insuring your property is secured immediately.

Our ultimate aim is to PREVENT CRIME and DAMAGE!

We are not an alarm monitoring company. Swissguard is more!

Our remote guarding solutions combine people, processes and technology to provide high-quality security. In the traditional 24/7 camera surveillance offerings the monitored alarm systems are passive ones as those are all reactionary on alarm signals. Alarm monitor companies monitor your camera feed only in case of actual alarm generated by the video surveillance system. This is passive video monitoring.

Contrary to alarm monitoring companies and traditional passive video monitoring offerings Swissguard watch officers are constantly and uninterruptedly watching the live camera feeds without  actual alarm situation. They see the same as a multi-eyed human guard on-site. Swissguard’s 24/7/365 continuous and uninterrupted video watching ensures that any potential danger or incident can be detected prior to the event. We achieve this by turning passive security cameras into an active and intelligent guard system.

Swissguard prevents crime and damage, saves lifes are valuables. Beyond the significantly higher level of security our solution is highly cost effective.

Our service revolutionizes the classic onsite guardian protection as well as the traditional 24/7 alarm monitoring offerings. Thanks to our clients who have been recognizing and experiencing our services we are growing exponentially.

We are proudly Swiss.