Our Clients have nice words to share about us come and see what they say

  • “We had several problems with graffiti, we couldn’t stop it with our on-site guardians. Since we are using Swissguard solution 2 graffiti “artist” caught by the fast response team, no damage on our walls anymore. Very efficient, I must say.”

    Eva Stern, GE, Property Management

  • “We are extremely satisfied with Swissguard solution. Since we are using the remote guardian system our security cost went down with 40% and we don’t have anymore break-in in our office buildings.”

    Brent Woich, Property Manager, Offices

  • “After a long hesitation, we changed our security guard to Swissguard’s services. We don’t have anymore dispute with our security company about the guardian’s look, behaviour. The guardians became invisible, not disturbing our clients.”

    Jackob Hunt, Property Manager, High End Residential Buildings

  • “We didn’t have 24/7 guardians before, simply we couldn’t afford 13000 euros per month. Now Swissguard is protecting our buildings for significantly less. We pay around 1600 euros, this is the amount what we can accept. We are satisfied, we got what was promised.”

    , Catholic Church

  • “We are living in a very challenging period of history when comes security. Terrorism, hate and usual crimes… We couldn’t pay for the classic services was simply too expensive. Swissguard’s services providing us much more than we expected. We are a very happy client of Swissguard.”

    , Synagogue

  • “We are in the entertainment business. A lot of costumers, a lot of risks. We paid on 4 location more than a million dollars per year. We changed the classic way to a combined Swissguard and on-site guards. We are paying now 450k per year and we feel ourselves in good hands. Since Swissguard is active, we are providing much higher security to our customers too. Our insurance became cheaper too. Thank you!”

    Steven, Lockdownrooms, Las Vegas

  • “We have many construction sites, we have always issues with the helmet, vest and all obligation towards safety. Our employees, construction sites are monitored by Swissguard for a year. We have fewer damages, no theft (!), no penalties from authorities, fewer injuries. We will just expand our cooperation with Swissguard.”

    John Verstrappen, Construction Manager

  • “We have professional cooperation time to time with the Swissguard alarm monitor centre. Our police officers get real-time and precise information about the ongoing event. The weapon, a person of interest, movements information are a real help for law enforcement.”

    Cpt Fertodi, Police